Chrome MOTOR™

Born from our passion for bikes that have motors and informed by our conversations with friends who ride motorcycles more than we do, Chrome Motor™ is the result of our commitment to utility, mobility, and durability. Chrome Motor™ Bags are made with our proprietary HD Ballistic™ Nylon specially developed to resist heat, abrasion, and weather – it’s actually 3x more heat resistant and 4x more abrasion resistant than traditional ballistic nylons. Each Bag is designed with wind-stable strap keepers so riders can stay focused on the road. We also added specific tool pockets to carry basic wrenches, tire gauges, spark plugs, and toll transponders. What we're saying is Chrome Motor™ is Tough as Shit. To prove it, we asked Thor and his gang at See See Motorcycles in Portland to test the bags' toughness. We even filmed some of their unique "testing" methods. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

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